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Reclaim My Joy-Covid self care box
99 Things That Bring Me Joy Book
99 Things That Bring Me Joy Book
reclaim my joy covid self care box

Reclaim My Joy, Covid Self Care Box

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Covid-19 stresses us out! But it's time to RECLAIM your joy, here and now! Grab this sweet bundle of JOY with this mini-self care box! This is a one time purchase, not a subscription.

This mini box contains:


99 Things That Bring Me Joy, Guided Journal:  What brings you joy? Is it the scent of spring rain? Warm towels from the dryer? Potato chips in your sandwich? Your definition of joy is as unique as your fingerprints. This guided journal provides 99 prompts to help you make a list of things that you hold dear: a sentimental possession, your best traveling companion, your favorite type of weather, a compliment you’ve received, and an achievement well-earned. Filling in the journal will immediately boost your mood, and flipping through it later is a wonderful reminder of life’s distinctive pleasures and take your mind off of COVID and onto your own joy!

  • Paperback with textured cover stock, gold foil stamping, and flaps
  • 2 ribbon markers
  • Full-color design with illustrations throughout
  • 99 prompts to help you list all the things you love


Full Moon Farms, Smudge Kit: CLEAR THE AIR! This handy kit is great to take when your traveling, camping, for a smaller space and much more. Has a mini White Sage Wand, mini shell and mini Sweetgrass braid. They can be lit directly or burned on a charcoal tablet. SHELL: Used by many for smudging and burning, herbs, wood, resin, cones etc. Also used clean, to put Crystals and other sacred items for your altar. Never put charcoal directly on a shell or bowl. They get very hot an can burn you or the table it's on. Always use about an 1" of sand in your shell or bowl. These beautiful shells are made by Mother Nature.


 The ABC's of Happy Cards: These cards consist of 26 intentions, each with a word and an associated inspiration for you to practice. These intentions come on colorful cards, place your intention anywhere you would like to re-set your thoughts! Put happiness and joy back into your life by redirecting your fear, anxiety or exhaustion from COVID with these simple intentions!


Mini's ship on Tuesdays and Fridays weekly and are not part of our subscriptions. This mini box ships as a one time purchase and does not include access to our trainings, classes, APP or group coaching. View our Monthly Box for full access to those items.