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What’s the Starter Kit versus monthly boxes?

Every new member receives the exact same “Starter kit” for their first box. This lays the foundation for what you will learn and how you will learn from all future boxes. You will need the items in this box to work your boxes that arrive thereafter. Beyond your first box (starter kit) you will receive whatever box is scheduled for the next month.

Does this replace my Recovery Program or health care?

Absolutely not! This is a supportive tool for women who are already long on their sobriety journey. We encourage women to complete their detox period and work their recovery programs first before becoming an SBC member. This is NOT intended to provide any medical advice, recovery program or healthcare and we do not endorse or support any particular recovery program.

What does “for sober women by sober women” mean?

The Sober Box Company was created by a sober woman and works hard to implement other sober women in the creation of our boxes. We design these boxes to specifically empower sober women and sell primarily to women who are living a sober life.

Who is this service for?

We design our boxes specifically for women who have chosen a sober life.

Why only women?

Because this is where are heart and passion reside! We see the great need for women to have safe spaces to grow and learn in and we wanted to provide that space to help push our collective potential.

How do I get past boxes?

You cannot purchase past boxes except during our “You Missed Out On This” flash sales we do spontaneously throughout the year. These past boxes will be available for members only and at a reduced cost.


Ordering and Shipping

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to the United States only. Due to customs and high shipping rates it is not cost effective at this time to ship outside of the US.


What do you charge for shipping?

Each full subscription box has a $6 flat rate. It’s not “built in” to the price of the box because we want to maximize the items you receive in each package, not use some of that cost to cover shipping. However, the cost to ship this box averages between $7-$9 per box, but we absorb the rest.


When will I receive my Sober Box?

Cut off for ordering is the 21st of every month. If you order past this date, you will receive the next month's box. We begin shipping out boxes the last week of every month so that you receive your Sober Box within the first week of every month. You will receive confirmation e-mails with tracking details. Please scroll down and review the schedule further in the billing section.

Can I just order one box?

You can cancel your subscription and reactivate your subscription at any time!  


How do I make changes to my subscription such as pause, reactivate etc?

To make changes to your subscription, just login to your account via our login page. If you have any trouble logging in or making changes, send us an e-mail at hello@soberboxcompany.com. Please note your subscription gets billed on the 1st of the month, and you will be billed automatically.


How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel an upcoming renewal charge and future boxes, you must do so before the 1st of every month. (As you are billed every 1st of the month) This stops any future charges and boxes that occur after the 1st.  

You may cancel your subscription through your account by logging in or emailing us. Sorry-we do not offer refunds on boxes that have already been processed and shipped for the month!  


I cancelled my subscription but now I want to rejoin. How do I do this so I don’t get a starter kit?

Log in to your account to reactivate it, don’t start a new account. All new accounts WILL be shipped a starter kit. If you have any troubles, please email us at hello@soberboxcompany.com We are here to help you girl!




My items were damaged, what do I do?

To report damages please email hello@soberboxcompany.com and provide photos, we will respond promptly.


I don’t need the contents in the box I got, can I return it?

No. There are no refunds, but you can cancel at anytime. We strongly believe you can ALWAYS learn something from anyone and believe our boxes hold high value. You always have the option to empower another woman in your life by paying it forward and gifting the contents. We pride ourselves on our customer service, please feel free to reach out to us if needed: hello@soberboxcompany.com





Is there a price difference between the starter kit and monthly boxes?

No! The price is the same.


When will I be billed for my Sober Box?

You will be charged for your first Sober Box-The Signature Starter Kit-  on the day that you purchase the subscription. If the day that you purchase the subscription is after the 21st of the month, that credit will be applied to the following month's Sober Box (i.e. if you purchase a box on January 22nd, your first box will be arriving in March, which you will receive the last week in February or 1st week in March) After the first charge, repeated charges will be made on the 1st of every month thereafter.


Does the subscription automatically renew?

The subscription renews automatically on the 1st of every month.




Is there an online group for the Sober Box?

Yes! With your subscription you get access to our private group accessible through your computer or the APP. We also gather monthly for our New Moon Circles for the intention setting ceremony led by various Moon Guides. We do not have a Facebook group but we do have public pages on IG and FB-please follow us!


How do I become a feature in your box?

Feature guides are hand selected. To submit an application please email us at hello@soberboxcompany.com.