Terri Hug

Hi, I'm Terri, the founder of The Sober Box Company and I've been right where you are. I struggled with addiction and chose recovery. I'm grateful for this journey because it helped me live sober. But when I was ready for the next step, I was frustrated and discouraged to discover there wasn't one. I had what I needed to stay sober, but I didn't have the skills to thrive. 

While working in the health and wellness field for almost 10 years, I discovered tools and resources that helped me take my own sobriety to the next level. Now, I'm sharing these life-changing resources through The Sober Box Company along with showcasing the best of the best recovery resources/brands/leaders on the market today. Women just like you have already experienced improved health and wellness thanks to the contents in this monthly kit.





Terri Hug is a Certified Integrative Health Coach through The Institute of Integrated Nutrition New York, Certified Yoga and Meditation teacher through Poonam Gupta of Yoga Gyan Jyoti Chicago, Author of "Dear Sister," book and speaker. She is a coach and personal development consultant specializing in empowering women, with a strong presence in the addiction recovery field. Her work is intuitive, empowering and rises from the foundation of compassion and love. Originally from Milwaukee WI she currently resides in Louisville KY and volunteers her time teaching Yoga Nidra to women in addiction recovery and providing meals to a local hospice facility that provides care to individuals dying alone. 
For more information visit terrihug.com.