Terri Hug

We are run by women, we are designed for women, and we support Black Lives Matter!

Hi, I’m Terri, the founder of The Sober Box Company, and I’ve been right where you are. I chose an alcohol-free lifestyle and desired to be a more empowered woman. But when I made this bold and healthy move, I felt lonely. Stripping away alcohol from my life allowed me to get to know the real me, but it was also confusing and felt isolating. Who really am I? I wanted to get to know the real Terri, tap into my own self-empowerment but also connect with new friends and communities since so many seemed to fade away after I made this decision.

Then I turned to Yoga which broke open the holistic arena to me. Now after 10 years working in the holistic arena I am sharing with the best of the best in self care to self empower. 

The opposite of addiction is Conscious Connection! Choose to move yourself to the top of your priority list and reap the benefits instantly.  

Terri Hug is a Certified Integrative Health Coach through The Institute of Integrated Nutrition New York, Certified Yoga and Meditation teacher through Poonam Gupta of Yoga Gyan Jyoti Chicago, Author of "Dear Sister," book and speaker. She is a coach and personal development consultant specializing in empowering women, with a strong presence in the addiction recovery field. Her work is intuitive, empowering and rises from the foundation of compassion and love. Originally from Milwaukee WI she volunteers her time teaching Yoga Nidra to women in addiction recovery and providing meals to a local hospice facility that provides care to individuals dying alone. 
For more information visit terrihug.com.