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Dear Sister, Journal

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Dear Sister is a women's holistic health and empowerment journal. This journal is for women who want to work from a holistic approach and who want to deepen their connection to self. The basics of the journal review the major life categories that make up a balanced life. Using a built-in life assessment chart, readers can use the chart to guide themselves in pursuing action steps to create change in their lives based on this chart.

This journal invites you to develop a self-supportive system to feed your own power, cultivate devotion and practice, evoke discipline and spark creativity. You will find heartfelt writing prompts to nudge you into self-exploration and a roadmap for you to find correlations you may have never entertained before, and that can help you make different decisions in life that yield better outcomes.

This journal is written for all women by the founder of The Sober Box Company, Terri Hug. It is dreamy and empowering!