Teaching Holistic Well-Being & Personal Development Exclusively for Sober Women

The 1st of it's kind! We solve the problem of sober women not having easy access to personal development resources for their long term sobriety. We provide holistic tools and resources that empower sober women to thrive through our monthly subscription box and online community. 

Every sober woman needs & deserves two kinds of freedom: freedom from and freedom to.

Recovery programs helped you find freedom from-from alcohol, from drugs, from relapse. But where do you go next? Where do you go to find the freedom to trust yourself again, to grow in confidence, to be empowered to live your dreams?

Perhaps you, like too many sober women, have believed the lie that success is beyond your reach. Without resources designed to take you beyond recovery, you've felt stuck.

We're here to change that.

The Sober Box


New Resources Monthly

We curate and provide tools and resources designed to help you develop an empowered mind, stronger body and the skills to thrive as a sober woman. Fun, easy and affordable! 

Signature Starter Kit: Expect to receive the essentials needed to work all future boxes in this kit including the "Dear Sister," journal with matching deck of cards, fabric envelope for your cards, "the key", your monthly guide book, moon postcard, intention card, and additional products to pamper & delight you!

Monthly Boxes: Each month we teach one core lesson and the box surrounds this theme. You will receive your monthly guide, moon post card, intention card and 3-5 kick ass products to pamper & delight you!

All subscriptions include access to: Monthly New Moon Circle gathering, Online Community through our private APP and our Monthly Group Coaching Check-In Session

3 Steps To a Healthier, More Confident You

1. Order the Starter Kit

We'll deliver a box right to your door. 

2. Join Our Online Community

You'll have access to a supportive community of women just like you who are pursuing their dreams and learning to thrive sober. 

3. Explore and Grow

Every month you'll receive fresh content designed to help you develop a personal practice. Dive in, apply and experience the freedom to succeed.


The Sober Box Experience

This isn’t your typical subscription box, it is a methodical system to empower you to create an individualized practice at home to gain self-trust, confidence and improve the health of your mind and body.

Monthly New Moon Circle: We work in tandem with the lunar cycle to grow our conscious connection and optimize results for our goals. Our Moon Guides will lead you in a virtual session every month!

Monthly Group Coaching Check-In Session: Meet virtually with other women and a coach to get additional help and accountability as you work your box.

Online Community Access: Every subscription includes exclusive access to our supportive, online community of women just like you through our APP. You don't have to do this alone!

Don't Take Our Word For It

"The best gift I ever received!"~ Theresa

"I am so excited to dive into this...I support women who support recovery!" -Jamie

"This box is gorgeous and the activities inside will keep you busy for a lot longer than a box full of beauty products. I give a big fat seal of approval!" ~ Tricia Lewis

"This box is connecting me more to myself. Priceless gift!" ~ CarolAnne

You don't have to live under the weight of your past.

With the right resources and a supportive community, you can become  holistically healthy in a way that strengthens your sobriety and helps you gain confidence and trust for yourself. You can create the life you desire and dream of. We can help.


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